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Belly Dance at Arisia!

Planning to attend Arisia, New England’s largest and most diverse Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention, Jan. 16-19 at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge? Don't miss the perennially crowd pleasing Belly Dance show Saturday at 5pm in Presidents Ballroom A! See some of New England's finest--not to mention geeky-est--belly dancers shimmy their stuff in what has to be one of the most creative belly dance shows in the region!

See 2009.arisia.org/welcome for more information about Arisia, including directions to the Hyatt Regency Cambridge.

Please say hi to me if you are at the show, I'll be the especially destructive belly dancer with the long red hair ;-)
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WorldCon in Denver?

Hey dancer babes .... now that the con is only a few weeks away, is anyone besides myself and satyapriya going? I *know* fandom has more dancers than that!!! Or, if anyone wants to get together for an informal jam/workshop where we share our favorite moves?

Or just drink margaritas and gossip?  <g>

Belly dancing at Arisia!

In case anybody here is going to Arisia in Cambridge, MA this month and didn't already know this (or isn't also performing :), there will be a belly dance show on Sunday at 3pm (that's Jan. 20).  I'm performing--here's my performance description, not that I'm a geek or nuthin' ;-)

"Life Here Began Out There" by Badriya.  The fleet wanders in the wilderness, but hope remains thanks to the gift of Apollo, Lord of Kobol.  Our leader will not live to enter the new homeland, but we fight on without fear knowing that we are on the path to Earth.  All of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again.

I love performances where anything goes!
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Denvention 2008

Hare Om to all:
I'm hoping to get to Denvention 2008 next year. Never been outside Australia before, so this is HUGE for me.
Anyone else from the belly dance sorority going? Anyone else fancy putting together a class or two while I'm there? I'm happy to run the class. Shoot, it's what I do here in Oz, so why not in Denver as well?
For that matter, is anyone who's going to Denvention interested in swapping one of my tarot readings or palm readings for a meal? So far, my low-income sole-parent budget has saved $15 for this trip.
Blue Bellydance

Daranacon- Oct. 12-15, 2007- Kansas City, MO

Hi all-

I decided that it might be a good idea to post this little advertisement. This is definitely a draw for those into various fandoms that also enjoy belly dance as well. I'm on the committee for a multi-media convention that is going to be in Kansas City, MO from Oct. 12-15, 2007 at the Hyatt Crown Center called Daranacon. We have a number of wonderful guests, including Tempest of Miami, a tribal fusion belly dancer. Not only will Tempest be performing at our banquet and masquerade, she'll also be putting on some workshops throughout the con. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the convention, our guests as well as enjoy Tempest's performances and her workshops. You are welcome to check out our site for any information you need. If you wish further information, I can be reached at midalah@gmail.com or just respond to this post and I'll gladly answer any questions you have.

For those that sell costumes and you are interested in selling them at the con, you are welcome to do so in our dealer's room.

nice tiger

dance at cons in Madison, WI

OddCon, Apr 13-15, will feature a workshop with chats_noirs!

WisCon, Memorial Day weekend, will have a "Circulation Reboot" panel, with basics of bellydance taught to all and sundry. The main teacher will be Laurie Toby Edison, many-year-veteran teacher of Turkish style!